2017 General Assembly

2017 marks the 398th year of operation for the House of Delegates, the oldest continuously-elected legislative body in the Western Hemisphere.

Kirk’s Legislation

HB 1845 Model addiction recovery program; DCJS, et al., to develop.

Department of Criminal Justice Services; model addiction recovery program; jails. Requires the Department of Criminal Justice Services, in consultation with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, to develop a model addiction recovery program that may be administered by sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, jail officers, administrators, or superintendents in any local or regional jail. The bill requires that participation in such program be voluntary and that such program address multiple aspects of the recovery process, including medical and clinical recovery, peer-to-peer support, availability of mental health resources, family dynamics, and aftercare aspects of the recovery process.

HB 1846 Death certificates; filing.

Death certificates; filing. Authorizes a death certificate to be filed in any registration district in the Commonwealth. Under current law, death certificates are required to be filed in the district in which the death occurs.

HB 2206 Virginia Veteran and Family Support program; established, report.

Virginia Veteran and Family Support program. Establishes the Virginia Veteran and Family Support program to, in a cost-effective manner, refer veterans to mental health, physical rehabilitation, and other services as needed to help them achieve individually identified goals and to monitor their progress toward achieving those goals. The program shall be available to veterans and members of the Virginia National Guard in the Commonwealth, residents of the Commonwealth in the Armed Forces Reserves who are not in active federal service, and family members of covered military members who have been affected by the covered military members’ service and deployments and who are located in the Commonwealth.

HB 2262 Online Virginia Network Authority; established.

Online Virginia Network Authority established. Establishes the Online Virginia Network Authority (the Authority) as an educational institution in the Commonwealth to act as the coordinating and administering entity for the delivery of each online course, degree program, and credential program offered by a public institution of higher education or a consortium of public institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth. The bill requires the Authority to be governed by a 17-member board that consists of six members of the House of Delegates appointed by the Speaker of the House of Delegates, four members of the Senate appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules, three nonlegislative citizen members appointed by the Governor, two nonlegislative citizen members appointed by the board of visitors of George Mason University, and two nonlegislative citizen members appointed by the board of visitors of Old Dominion University. The bill sets forth the duties of the Authority, including determining tuition and fee rates and establishing a seamless enrollment and course scheduling infrastructure. The bill grants the Authority operational flexibility in the areas of procurement and information technology, provided that the Authority adopts and complies with certain policies.

HB 2311 Nutrient Offset Fund; sale of credits.

Nutrient Offset Fund; sale of credits. Requires the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to use certain funds to purchase nutrient credits for point or nonpoint sources that achieve reductions beyond the requirements of state or federal law or the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan. The bill directs DEQ to establish procedures for distributing moneys from the Nutrient Offset Fund with certain requirements. The bill requires the Director of DEQ to consider the recommendations of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and the requirements of the State Water Control Law (§ 62.1-44.2 et seq.) in the sale of nutrient credits to new or expanding private facilities. The bill also removes the priority given to nutrient offsets produced from facilities that generate electricity from animal waste. The bill renames nutrient offsets as nutrient credits.

HB 2427 Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program; changes to program, grants.

Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program; grants. Makes several changes to the Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program (Program),including adding requirements that (i) each student eligible for the Program receive a grant from the institution’s appropriations for undergraduate student financial assistance before grants are awarded to students with equivalent remaining need,(ii) each eligible student receive a Program grant in an amount greater than other grants awarded to students with equivalent remaining need, (iii) each eligible student receive a Program grant in an amount greater than the grant of each eligible student with equivalent remaining need in the next-lowest class level, and (iv) each Program grant be determined by a proportionate award schedule adopted by each institution and vary according to each student’s remaining need and the total of tuition, fees, and other necessary charges, including books.

HJ 555 General Assembly; 2017 Session schedule

General Assembly; 2017 Session schedule. Establishes a schedule for the conduct of business coming before the 2017 Regular Session of the General Assembly of Virginia.

HJ 556 General Assembly; 2018 Session prefiling schedule.

General Assembly; 2018 Session prefiling schedule. Establishes a schedule for the prefiling period for the 2018 Regular Session of the General Assembly of Virginia.

HJ 717 Notifying the Governor of organization.

Notifying the Governor of organization.

HJ 750 Coats Disease Awareness Day.

Coats Disease Awareness Day. Designates August 17, in 2017 and in each succeeding year, as Coats Disease Awareness Day in Virginia.

HJ 751 Commending Richard A. Cordle.

HJ 752 Commending Joseph A. Horbal.

HJ 786 Commending Colonial Heights American Legion Auxiliary Unit 284.


Kirk’s Budget Amendments

Budget Item #


Fiscal Year 2017 General Fund $

Fiscal Year 2018 General Fund $

Item 1 #4h
Transfer for Civil War Commission Balances (language only)
Item 18 #1h
Civil War Commission – Eliminate Second Year Funding
Item 138 #8h
College Partnership Laboratory School
Item 158 #1h
RBC – Restore Reductions and APA Recommendations
Item 229 #3h
VT Extension Economic Development Opportunities (language only)
Item 237 #1h JYF – Staffing $165,433
Item 291 #2h Fund Impact of HB 1846 Filing of Death Certificates $25,000
Item 306 #10h
Add 693 DD Waiver Slots to Transition Priority 1 Individuals from EDCD Waiver
Item 365 #1h
Partial Restoration of Funding for Swift Creek Bike Trail
Item 398 #6h
Model Addiction Recovery Programs
Item C-50 #1h CCAM Funding (Technical) (language only)