General Assembly Republicans file contempt motion against Governor McAuliffe


Yesterday, General Assembly Republican filed a contempt motion against Governor McAuliffe as part of his ongoing, unconstitutional restoration of rights effort. Our motion argues that Governor McAuliffe’s recent restoration of rights for 13,000 Virginians is in effect no different than his earlier blanket restoration of rights for 200,000+ Virginians. He has promised to individually restore the rights of the 200,000+ additional felons who satisfied the criteria for his illegal April 22 executive order.

Governor McAuliffe’s actions clearly violate the July 22nd Virginia Supreme Court decision and blatantly disregards the Constitution of Virginia.

To read what Speaker Bill Howell and Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment had to say, click here.

As I have stated before, I believe in second chances. Rights for felons should be restored in a manner compatible with the law and the Virginia Constitution. Executive orders and blanket restorations are not the proper path. We are committed to holding the Governor accountable to the Constitution and rule of law.