Election Day Less Than 50 Days Away

Much focus has been placed on the 2016 Presidential race with the recent Republican debates. However, with elections less than 50 days away, I wanted to remind of you of the critical state and local elections that are on the ballot this year.
The House Republican Caucus is running several world class challenger candidates across the Commonwealth this year.   After visiting and going door-to-door with many of these candidates, I can say with confidence that the political landscape is very favorable to Republican incumbents, candidates, and challengers.
In total, we have candidates running in 73 of 100 districts, to include 62 incumbents. We have one of the strongest, most diverse group of challenger candidates running in recent memory. Below is a quick look at some of our challenger candidates I have worked with.
Danny Vargas (HD 86) is running to replace retiring Delegate Tom Rust (R). Danny is the son of Puerto Rican parents and was raised in Brooklyn, NY by his mother, who to this day cannot read or write. Danny is an Air Force veteran, self-made businessman, and a nationally recognized Hispanic leader
Chuong Nguyen (HD 87) is running to replace retiring Delegate David Ramadan (R). Chuong’s parents escaped from Vietnam when he was just two years old. Chuong is a Harvard graduate and now a prominent and successful attorney.
Sang Yi (HD 37) is running against a Democrat incumbent. Sang’s parents brought him to the United States from Korea in the mid-1980s. Sang graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy and presently serves as a Naval reserve officer. He currently works on Capitol Hill and is actively involved in the local community.
Jason Miyares (HD 82) is running to replace retiring Delegate Bill DeSteph (R). Jason’s mother fled communist Cuba in 1965, which Jason cites as his inspiration and motivation. Jason is a successful attorney, former assistant prosecutor, small businessman, and advisor to U.S. Congressman Scott Rigell.
Anna Urman (HD 43) is running against a Democrat incumbent. Anna was just 11 when her parents fled the collapsing Soviet Union and became a citizen when she was 18. She works as the Director of the Virginia Procurement Technical Assistance Program that focuses on connecting contractors and government agencies.
Lara Overy (HD 93) is running against a Democrat incumbent. Lara is a lifelong resident of Newport News. She raised her oldest daughter as a single mother before meeting her husband and returning to college to complete her degree. She now works as a Development Director at the local community college.
The strength and makeup of our candidates running for the House was recognized recently by the Republican State Leadership Council (RSLC) with contributions totaling $100,000 in support of their elections.
        Kirk with Constituents pic #1        Kirk with Constituents pic #2         Kirk with Constituents pic #3
This year, my reelection efforts have been in motion since the General Assembly finished in March. Since then, I’ve knocked on almost 1,000 doors in 6 Chesterfield neighborhoods. I’ve door knocked with 5 House candidates, 4 local candidates, and 1 Senate candidate in other districts and have at least 4 more visits planned. Finally, my office has coordinated 10 fundraising events this summer. We’ve been very busy!
If you are interested in being involved in my campaign by volunteering, placing my sign in your yard, or helping in any other capacity, please let me know.
The House Republican Caucus is making a concerted effort to support all of our solid candidates as we must be ready to fight against noted fundraiser Gov. Terry McAuliffe as he works to pour money into Democratic House and Senate races. The Republican led Virginia General Assembly has to stand as a strong counter force to the Governor’s dubious initiatives that challenge our constitution.
In closing, make sure you are ready to vote in the upcoming November 3rd elections that will see all 140 General Assembly seats on the ballot! If you have moved since the last election, be sure you are registered at your new location. Click here to view your registration status or make updates.