Endorsement – EPA Push Back – Meeting Constituents

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Endorsement – EPA Push Back – Meeting Constituents

I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer and parents and students are ready to return to their school routines next week. Julie and I have just sent another freshman off to college leaving us with just one in high school at home!

In this Update, I note a special endorsement for my reelection campaign, share some information from a recent American’s for Prosperity “Amped Up” event to push back on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, provide an update on the work being done at the Commonwealth Centers for Advanced Logistics and Manufacturing in the workforce development arena, and report on some of my activities around the district.

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I’m pleased to announce the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation (VFBF) AgPAC has endorsed my candidacy for the 66th House district. I have a long, close relationship with the Farm Bureau starting when I served as a member and later Chair of the Agriculture, Chesapeake & Natural Resources Committee.

The Bureau’s endorsements are based on the recommendations of local committees of farmers. Candidates who receive VFBF AgPAC endorsements “have demonstrated a clear understanding of the needs and challenges farmers are facing and/or have proven their support through their favorable voting records while holding positions in the General Assembly,” said Wayne F. Pryor, chairman of VFBF AgPAC and president of the Virginia Farm Bureau.I look forward to helping agriculture and forestry maintain its vitality as the #1 industry in Virginia.

Pushing Back Against the EPA

Recently, President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency announced a far-reaching regulatory action. It is known as the Clean Power Plan.

This plan seeks to cut carbon emissions by applying burdensome regulations to existing power plants. The impact on Virginia will be severe. Energy prices will go up, disproportionately hurting the poor and senior citizens, and our already struggling economy will be further damaged.

Virginia has one year to develop a plan to comply with these regulations. Governor McAuliffe has already started that process, but I do not think bureaucrats in Washington or Richmond should have the final say.

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I agree the EPA’s new regulations are another example of an overreaching federal government. There is no doubt the regulations would mean higher energy costs, loss of jobs, and place at risk several billions of dollars of recent investments in existing coal-fired facilities in Virginia that Virginia ratepayers have only begun to pay off.
Support for Workforce Development  
Kirk at CCAM

I was proud to join the leaders of the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems (CCALS) and the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) recently as they announced that CCALS would begin a new research project with the Port of Virginia this fall.

They also recognized my support of workforce training programs in Central Virginia, to include securing a $25 million budget amendment that committed initial funds for an Apprentice Academy in Prince George County. The academy is designed to help Virginians obtain the skills advanced manufacturers and their logistics systems need to stay competitive in the global marketplace.

To fully capitalize on Virginia’s geographic, infrastructure and pro-business climate, advanced manufacturers require workers with advanced training. Industry-led training in manufacturing processes, data analytics, logistics, biosciences and information technology will ensure access to talent for businesses and high-paying jobs for Virginians.

I am also pleased that the Centers are working closely with adjacent Fort Lee to support the Fort’s transition training programs that help prepare our serving military men and women to make the transition to good paying, high skill private sector jobs in Virginia. This effort helps expand economic development in the Commonwealth.

With Rolls Royce, CCAM and CCALS in Chesterfield’s backyard, Central VA is becoming a center of innovation.

Around the District

I’ve enjoyed spending evening’s the last few weeks door knocking in Stoney Glen. After I finish in Stoney Glen, I plan on moving to the Gates Bluff neighborhood of Chesterfield County.

In addition to my own door to door efforts, I’ve worked to help several colleagues who have campaigns in Chesterfield.
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August 3rd I went door knocking in the Mineola neighborhood of Chesterfield with Riley Ingram who is running for reelection to the House of Delegates 62nd District. I have worked with Riley for more than 20 years. He plays a critical role at the General Assembly, currently serving as a long standing member of the House Appropriations Committee, Chair of the Counties, Cities and Towns Committee and, sits on the House Rules Committee. He is a US Army Veteran who has been a strong supporter of Fort Lee that is located adjacent to his district.
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August 8th, I door knocked in the Smoke Tree neighborhood of Chesterfield with Roxann Robinson who is running for reelection to the House of Delegates, Chris Winslow who is running for the Board of Supervisors, and Dianne Smith who is running for reelection to the School Board. Chris is a super young man, small business owner, and veteran running for the first time who will add great value to the Board of Supervisors.I have worked for several years with both Roxannn and Diane and I was very pleased to support their reelection efforts.

August 18th I was the featured speaker at Javaid Siddiqi’s fundraiser. Javaid is running for the Chesterfield School Board. I worked closely with Javaid when he was the Deputy Secretary and then Secretary of Education. He has a great deal of education experience that will make an already outstanding Chesterfield School system better.

Kirk talking at restraunt
On August 31st I was a featured speaker at Amanda Chase’s fundraiser at Swift Creek Mill. Amanda is running for the Virginia State Senate in the 11th District. She will represent all the folks that I represent in the 66th District plus some and I can see from our many joint appearances over this summer that she will do an outstanding job for her constituents in the Senate.
Kirk at Stoney Glen National Night Out event

At the Stoney Glen South National Night Out event with Wayne and Maniella Wright.

A big thank you to Sheriff Karl Leonard and the Chesterfield Sheriff’s office for allowing me to join them during their National Night Out festivities on August 4th.

Kirk at Sherwood Hills banquet

With the Abed sisters, Lana, Danya, and Riya, at the Sherwood Hills banquet.

I was pleased to join the Colonial Heights Swim and Yacht Club and the Sherwood Hills Swim Club for their end of the year celebrations. I enjoyed handing our certificates to the swimmers and congratulating them on a job well done!