Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is expected to bring severe weather to all parts of Virginia later this week and though the weekend. A state of emergency has been declared by the Governor and evacuations have been ordered in Hampton Roads. All Virginians should be prepared for potentially life-threatening conditions.

Now is the time to prepare to ensure that you and your family are safe during and after the storm. Click here for information from the Virginia Department of Health about preparing for severe weather. If you have pets in the home, it’s important to plan for them, too. The US Department of Homeland Security also has helpful tips on how to prepare for hurricanes.

With the ground already saturated, flooding is likely to be a problem, even after the storm has passed. Click here for useful flood related tips. Remember, just six inches of water (even if it appears to be stagnant) is enough to sweep away a person or vehicle.

Likewise, you should not approach downed power lines. If you lose power, you can report it online to Dominion Energy here or call 866-366-4357. Always call Dominion directly to report a downed power line.

Be sure to tune into local TV and radio stations for up to date information on the storm. As Florence gets closer to shore, we are likely to know more about its projected path.

You may also wish to sign up for your locality alert system. Chesterfield residents can access the county’s alert system here. Colonial Heights residents can access the city’s alert system here.

If you should encounter a life threatening emergency during the storm, call 911.

Lastly, the intensity of the storm and the high likelihood of a power outage may require me to close my office. I will continue checking voicemails and emails during the storm so long as there is internet connection and phone service. Again, in a life threatening emergency, call 911.