It All Comes Down To Voting


Dear Friend,

For nearly 32 years I have had the distinct honor of representing Colonial Heights and Chesterfield in the Virginia House of Delegates. During that time, I have really tried to take your concerns to Richmond and work very hard to make life better for the residents of the 66th district. That includes our work to keep taxes low, ensure our children have access to a world-class education, support veterans and their families, make college more accessible and affordable, and back the men and women in law enforcement who keep our community safe.

There’s no doubt any success I had delivering for our district is because you have generously cast your vote for me time after time. For that, I will always be grateful.

Today, however, I’m not asking for your vote. I’m asking you to vote for Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears, Jason Miyares, and Mike Cherry.

Virginia’s future is at stake. This election is just too important to sit out.

Over the last two years of one-party rule in Richmond, we have seen a host of bills that dramatically change the fabric of our Commonwealth. Here’s just a sampling of what Democrats passed into law:

  • HB 257 allows sexual assaults in K-12 schools to go unreported to law enforcement
  • HB 5148 established an earned credit sentencing system that will release convicted criminals from their sentence early
  • HB 1414 raised the gas tax
  • Failed to take any action against the Parole Board when they released violent felons (including convicted murders) early from prison in violation of state law
  • Failed to take corrective action against the Virginia Employment Commission despite massive failures to accomplish their mission

There is a different way forward. That new path that cuts taxes, involves families in educational decisions, and supports law enforcement as they work to keep our communities safe. But change can only happen by voting.

On November 2nd, I ask that you cast your vote for Glenn Youngkin for Governor, Winsome Sears for Lieutenant Governor, Jason Miyares for Attorney General, and Mike Cherry for Delegate. Your vote is critically important in what is expected to be a very close election. Make sure your voice is heard by casting your vote between 6am and 7pm at your regular polling place on Election Day.


Kirk Cox

PS – If you’ve already voted, be sure to check in with your friends and neighbors to ensure they remember to cast their ballot!