Matoaca Megasite Statement


As your Delegate, I represent your voice in the General Assembly on issues that affect the state. In addition to being your Delegate, I’m also your neighbor in Colonial Heights and a former teacher at Manchester High School in Chesterfield County. My duty lies in state public service, but my family and home are rooted in Colonial Heights and Chesterfield, and I have always said that I would do what I thought was best for this community.

I hear often about local issues that affect our everyday lives. Lately, people have expressed to me strong concerns over the proposed Matoaca Mega Site.

In September, following the announcement of the mega site project, I sent a letter to the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors requesting they hold additional public meetings to ensure that nearby residents and community groups had ample opportunity to learn, ask questions, and provide feedback to their elected officials. I have always emphasized the importance of transparency, community engagement, and keeping the public fully informed. It is imperative that citizens have the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts on issues that affect their neighborhood.

While I believe industrial site development in general is merited, it is clear the Chesterfield location does not have the community support necessary for such a significant project to succeed. I hear from constituents regularly who have not been satisfied with the handling of this project and do not approve of building a mega site in Chesterfield.

Given the lack of community support for the Matoaca Mega Site, I cannot support the continued progress of this project. I have shared this news with Chesterfield County officials, encouraging them to consider a different approach.

As the Chesterfield County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors have the final approval of the zoning, I hope they will take into consideration the concerns of the community  above all else.


Kirk Cox