PROGRESS INDEX: 1,200 participate telephone town hall with Del. Cox

1,200 participate telephone town hall with Del. Cox

Delegate Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) held his first Telephone Town Hall of the 2016 General Assembly Session on Tuesday, Jan.19

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Del. Kirk Cox, right, speaks to town hall participants on a speaker phone while Legislative Aide Kelly Gee records poll question results. Contributed Photo

RICHMOND – Delegate Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) held his first Telephone Town Hall of the 2016 General Assembly Session on Tuesday, Jan.19.

This event, held twice every session, allows Cox to connect with hundreds of constituents using a conference call-style format to discuss issues, speak directly with callers to answer their specific questions, ask poll questions, and give poll question results within minutes. Tuesday’s event saw some 1,200 constituents participate and allowed Cox to leave voicemails at over 6,500 homes.

“One of the most common things I heard while going door-to-door in the district last year was how informative these Telephone Town Halls are for constituents. I’m pleased we had such great participation during this event. I am grateful to all the participants for their time and meaningful feedback,” Cox said.

During the hour long conversation, Cox took questions from 8 callers, asked 8 poll questions, and discussed many topics to include the state budget, veterans issues, transparency measures the House is taking so the public can better access information, and the state employee retirement system.

Of particular interest were the several poll questions that directly relate to legislation Cox is carrying. Answers to the questions, following an explanation of the bill, showed 66th District constituents on the call agreed with the intent of the bills.

Participants believe that “Healthcare like additional Veterans Care Centers and services” should be the General Assembly’s top priority for veterans’ legislation. HB 477, Cox’s Veterans Care Center bill, authorizes funding to build a second new care center. This builds off success of his 2015 Session bill to build the first new center. The two new care centers, one in Northern Virginia and the other in Hampton Roads, will make more beds available for local area veterans at existing care centers in the Richmond and Roanoke areas.

To combat rising college tuition costs, listeners chose “Reform financial aid distribution” as the best way to keep college affordable. Cox’s HB 568, the Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program, provides incentives to students to finish their degrees. This legislation would award students more financial aid for each year they are in college and making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree. The grant will cover tuition, fees, and other necessary charges, including books.

“I’m proud to report that both the Veterans Care Center legislation and the Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program bills have passed out of Committee and will head to the House floor for a full vote,” Cox said. “The input from constituents on the 8 poll questions asked during the course of the event helps me better represent their views in Richmond,” he said.

Cox will hold a second Telephone Town Hall in mid-February.

For more information email with you best contact number if you’d like to be included in the call. Visit to see the full results report for all poll questions asked during the call.