Statement of Delegate Kirk Cox regarding further state budget delays


October 15, 2020

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA — Delegate Kirk Cox released the following statement on Thursday after a backroom ‘deal’ was announced between the Governor, Senate Democrats, and House Democrats to delay the finalization of the state budget because of a disagreement over the bipartisan redistricting amendment on the ballot in November.

“For nearly 60 days the Democratic-led General Assembly failed to deal with the $2.7 billion hole in our state budget and now they are punting once again because of an intra-party fight on an entirely unrelated matter. It is a failure of leadership and direction that epitomizes how poorly Democrats have run Richmond since they took complete control of the Capitol in January.

“This special session was called to deal with the $2.7 billion shortfall caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s been clear since the beginning that addressing these matters was far down the list of Democratic priorities. They were more interested in checking political boxes and attacking law enforcement than addressing the state’s budget crisis.

“Now, they are delaying the adoption of a new budget for at least two more weeks because a few liberal holdouts within the Democratic party are opposing the bipartisan constitutional amendment to create an independent redistricting commission. The opposition to the enabling legislation for the constitutional amendment is tenuously reasoned at best, but the idea that Democrats are going to delay the adoption of the entire budget over this is just astounding.

“Democrats control both branches of the legislature and the executive mansion. Their leadership repeatedly failed Virginians, whether you look at the state’s failures on coronavirus testing, the lack of leadership on reopening our schools safely, or now the complete inability to govern due to internal partisan political bickering. While they will undoubtedly attempt to cast blame on Republicans or claim to be victims of some great injustice, the cold truth is Democrats have no one to blame for their failures but themselves.”

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