Statement of Speaker Kirk Cox on further Senate delays

May 22, 2018

Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) issued the following statement Tuesday after the Senate of Virginia delayed action on the state budget another week.

“The House of Delegates passed a budget five weeks ago. Since then, the Senate Finance Committee had ample time to draft a budget and put it on the floor for debate and a vote. Instead, we’ve seen a series of disappointing delays that have pushed this process late in to May.

“The time has come to finish the budget. Our teachers, local school boards, and local governments are waiting to craft their budgets and the national bond rating agencies are carefully monitoring Virginia’s AAA bond rating. This delay adds unnecessary uncertainty and is a disservice to the people of the Commonwealth.

“The House of Delegates was prepared to convene Wednesday to finalize our work on the budget. However, the House will not waste taxpayer dollars to hold an unnecessary floor session. I am rescinding the call for the House to convene Wednesday and will instead issue a new call in the next few days. The House awaits the action of the Senate on the budget.”